The National Trust of Korea, Cultural Heritage Foundation

The National Trust of Korea, Cultural Heritage Foundation is a non-profit organization established in April 2004, as a part of the National Trust movement. The foundation has engaged in preserving cultural heritage, raising social recognition of the value of cultural heritage, and expanding the related cultural base.
The National Trust movement aims to secure the natural environment and cultural heritage deemed worth preserving by means of voluntary fund-raising, donation, and gift. With the concept of ‘public ownership’, this movement was originally initiated in UK in 1895 in order to preserve nature and cultural assets properly. The official title was ‘National Trust For Places of Historic or Natural Beauty’.
Our precious cultural heritage, from the traditional villages to the legacies of historical figures, has been damaged, forgotten, or disappearing due to rapid social changes. The National Trust of Korea, Cultural Heritage Foundation has been proactive in the National Trust movement in Korea since we successfully preserved and started operating Choisunu House in 2004.
The foundation has also made efforts to discover and publicize the modern cultural heritage and its values, while managing the foundation’s Citizen Cultural Heritage No. 1 Choisunu House, No. 2 Dorae House, and No. 3 Kwon Jinkyu Atelier. the foundation will continue working on the preservation of our invaluable cultural heritage for the future generations.

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